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Greefa equipment provided by United Sales Inc
Greefa is the market leader in produce grading technology with installations around the globe.
With a wide range of sorting processes and a modular system, their products are able to be modified at
anytime to fit your requirements. Keeping in close contact with both vendors and customers,
they are able to stay on top of market demand, further developing their technology to better handle
all your needs.

Greefa can provide you with quality grading machines, state-of-the-art measuring systems and hi-tech peripherals, handling almost every aspect of your fruit packing line.

Improving your quality and defect sorting and also your overall bin output, Greefa machines are an
investment that pays for itself.

Contact Sales to discuss adding Greefa technology to your line.
In need of parts for your existing equipment? Contact our Parts Department.

Below are links to their website, brochures and articles relating to Greefa.
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