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Rocket Northwest sulfur burners | United Sales Inc
Benefits of Sulfur Burners
  • Variable rate injection

  • Auto ignition and shut down

  • Lower water pH levels to your desired set point

  • Control alkaline water and soil conditions

  • Cost effective substitute for sulfuric acid injection

  • Reduce carbonates and bicarbonates

  • Improve quality and quantity of crops

  • Leach excessive salts, fertilizer, and minerals from soil

  • Improve plant micro-nutrient absorption

  • Deeper water penetration and root growth

  • Reduce water run off and ponding

  • Treat pests, insects, fungus, or algae

Agronomic Benefits To Using Sulfur Burners
Sulfur Burner Science

Treating hard irrigation water with a sulfur burner is done to precipitate out calcium bicarbonate as calcium sulfate (gypsum), and produce hydrogen ions to lower water pH. This practice improves water quality, soil chemistry, nutrient availability and crop health.

About us
Rocket Northwest sulfur burners | United Sales Inc

Rocket Northwest is an Ag company located in the Yakima Valley that specializes in designing, building, and deploying fully integrated sulfur burners to local and regional farms throughout the Pacific Northwest. With decades of combined experience in the Ag industry, Rocket Northwest has the ability to diagnose soil, water, and plant nutrition issues and facilitate the necessary updates to a farms irrigation system.      

Latest News 
Rocket Northwest sulfur burners | United Sales Inc

Blueberry Cultivars for the Pacific Northwest


There are five main types of blueberries grown in the United States: northern highbush, southern highbush, rabbiteye, lowbush, and half-high. The northern highbush is most common type grown worldwide and in the Pacific Northwest.

Rocket Northwest sulfur burners | United Sales Inc

Pacific Northwest Handbooks: Blueberry Soil pH


Soil pH of 4.5 to 5.5 is optimum for blueberry production. Soil pH values significantly outside of this range are associated with a variety of problems. Surveys indicate this as one of the more important problems throughout the blueberry industry.

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